Timothy David Karsten has worked at the forefront of business, finance, philanthropy and leadership development. He has advised mission-driven leaders, innovative tech companies, international funds and family owned ventures for over 20 years.

Timothy applies his multi-disciplinary knowledge to his work with his clients. He generates highly effective leadership practices for individuals, teams, and families that result in transformation, healing, and extraordinary success. Timothy is devoted to pursuing balance and health in all aspects of life. He integrates spiritual philosophies and emotional intelligence with practical skills, drawing from multiple disciplines and business sectors.

He works with exemplary clients whose lives and pursuits push the outer limits and pressures of leadership. He guides them in managing the complexities of their own lives and the financial and emotional demands of business, philanthropy, and family responsibilities. Timothy works at the intersection of leadership development, personal inquiry, and collaborative transparency. He guides his clients to move past old patterns, achieve their highest state of well-being, and cultivate healthier relationships in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Timothy is a lifelong adventurer and traveler. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and USC Law School. He is married to a serial entrepreneur and lifestyle expert Karinna Karsten, founder of Relationship AI and Love TV.