Are you longing for more freedom?

What is more exciting than the pursuit of freedom?

Achieving it!

What do I mean by freedom?

To know who you are and celebrate it, without apology or regret.  To accept what you can and change what you must.

Why is freedom necessary in the pursuit of professional as well as personal goals? Is drive and ambition enough?

No.  Too often, drive and ambition can bring success but not contentment or fulfillment.  Along the way to success, may come broken relationships, compromised health and not enough time to nurture one’s spiritual life nor build a community of deeply caring family and friends.

How do we achieve freedom?

Just as babies move miraculously from crawling to walking to running  – one step at a time.  Through deep inquiry and self-reflection and with the support of a trained professional who understands the terrain and how to intercept limiting beliefs and actions that don’t fit who you are or want to be.

Freedom comes when you live fearlessly.  Speaking what is really on your mind and trusting your heart.  Shedding your skin when you have to, clearing the decks if need be and having the courage to admit when you are wrong.

There is no right way to be, only the right way for you to be.
There is no right thing to do, only what is right for you to do.

Are you ready to be free at last?