The Client Experience…

If you are like most successful people, you excel in your professional life.  You are confident in your abilities and financially secure. You probably experience some freedom.  But what if the other aspects of your life leave you unfulfilled without peace of mind or unable to experience joy.

Or perhaps the opposite is true?  Your personal life is rewarding but your professional life is not. Either way, you are only living half a life. And only finding some of the freedom you seek.

Perhaps some or all of these may apply to you: 

  • You may struggle with creating a healthy life/work balance.
  • You may feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life.
  • You may be great at making money but not so good at its management.
  • You may know how to create success but be less successful at creating meaningful and enduring relationships.
  • You may want to feel greater ease and generosity in relation to money matters but fear losing as you give.

If this describes you, I can help.

The core approach I take working with clients to experience greater freedom in their lives is:
Discover, Plan and Prepare, Implement, Reflect and Expand.


Let Business Shaman and Success Coach Timothy David Karsten help you clarify your purpose.

Clarify the larger purpose and vision for your life and your business.
This makes it easier to fulfill your purpose and create the life you want to live.
Take inventory of key areas of your life (financial, business, giving, relationships, travel, hobbies, wellbeing, etc.)
and where you need to focus your attention and resources.
Focusing and giving attention to what needs to be prioritized in your life takes them out of the difficult to manage category
and moves them into the easily managed category.
Explore the depths of your “inner life”.
Giving time to know yourself better provides clarity and ultimately leads to better work/life balance.


Business & Family Strategist and Executive Coach Timothy Karsten will work with you to create a life plan that excites you.

Establish a master plan for better integrating your “inner life” and “outer work” worlds in support of your grander vision.
A plan is like a map. When you know where you want to go it is much easier to find the path to your intended destination.
Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back and transform them to support you.
By knowing what is holding you back and finding ways to shift your attention to what will lead you forward,
you create success in your life.
Upgrade your skills and talents to match the emerging opportunities in your life and/or business.
Being a life-time learner leads to a richer/more fulfilling life.
Choose the new steps you are going to take and establish benchmarks for success.
Revising your strategies and plans for success are keys to achieving good results.
Gather and lead the team you need to achieve the results you seek.
Getting the right support makes all the difference for managing your success.


Receive guidance from Executive Coach, Business & Leadership Coach and Family Advisor Timothy Karsten to make your plans a reality.

Establish a regular practice and rhythm for your inner work.
Finding quiet, reflective time helps to develop greater mindfulness and well-being.
Apply principles of emotional intelligence to all areas of your life.
Leads to less conflict and when there is conflict, faster resolution.
Prioritize your projects and related tasks for highest-impact.
This will lead to both professional and personal success.
Access the collective intelligence of your team and advisors.
Turn the wisdom of your team into successful results.
Master the art of delegating responsibility.
You probably know how to delegate in your business life, doing the same in other areas of your life
brings great benefits for life/work balance.
Focus on those areas that are the highest and best use of your gifts, talents, and skills.
This is when you experience true success in all areas of your life.
Acknowledge and celebrate your progress.


Reflect on both best practices and areas for growth and improvement.
Provides you better understanding and clarity for moving forwards effectively and efficiently.
Adopt integrative, holistic approaches for ensuring accountability and follow-through.
Looking at the whole picture guarantees optimal results.
Cultivate greater capacity for trust within yourself and with others.
Results in a more rewarding and fulfilling life.
Uphold commitment to excellence, respect, and integrity in all communications and actions.
Being the best and doing your best leads to living a great life.