Timothy Karsten

Serving Leaders, Executive Teams and Families of Influence

Timothy David Karsten, Executive Coach, Leadership and Success Coach, Family Advisor

Timothy Karsten works with businesses, non-profit leaders, individuals and families of influence and their teams from the US, Europe and China to maximize global reach and impact.

The executive and leadership consultant has worked with top law firms in Paris and Los Angeles and collaborated with top-tier international investment firms. He was a key strategist and implementer in the launching of a boutique trust management company.

For over 30 years, Timothy has worked with family trusts, investment strategists, asset managers and private foundations, acting as a family advisor, mediator and strategist. He is also a private investor in technology and media companies.

CEO Coach and Business & Family Strategist Timothy Karsten with his wife Karinna Karsten and their dog Sparky

He has pursued diverse paths of formal and informal study and exploration. Beyond graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Economics and International Relations and earning a law degree from USC Law Center, Timothy's travels and interest in culture and customs have taken him around the world.

He happily shares his home in Pacific Palisades, California with his wife, Karinna, and their Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky. When Timothy is not busy raising the bar of expectation and performance for his clients and the companies he invests in, you can find him entertaining friends and family, playing music, discovering unknown roads and mountain trails around the world, and enjoying the magic of his organic gardens.

What I Do for Individuals and Families:
  • Understand and redefine the often complex needs that emerge in dealing with wealth, wealth management and wealth transfer.
  • Clarify financial and philanthropic goals and strategies in order to work more efficiently and productively with financial planners and advisors.
  • Help select and manage your advisors, investments and philanthropic objectives.
  • Create greater ease and enjoyment while managing life and resources.