360 Audit of All Key Aspects of Your Life

OFFERING – Week-long investigative journey into your life, work, values and relationships resulting in a comprehensive 360 analysis and report providing key next steps to improve your life.

This deep investigative work is designed to help you understand more fully what is working well and where the opportunities exist for growth, transformation and liberation.

After over 13 years of working with individuals, families, advisors and executive teams similar to yourself, I have learned that we excel in various areas of our life and in others we simply are not living or working optimally.

This happens for many reasons.  Unfortunately, we end up needing to spend a good deal of time and energy on these areas where we are less skilled revisiting patterns of experience and behavior that simply do not provide you ultimate fulfillment and peace.  Nagging, persistent challenges exist whether with ourselves or with others whom we love or with whom we work.


Day 1 – Full-day with client(s)

Face-to-face playful and deep inquiry with client(s) at a location of client’s choosing – ideally personal residence or office or both – privacy required with as few interruptions as possible.

Inquiry will focus on:

  • Personal health and well-being – what’s working, what’s not working fears/limiting beliefs?
  • Home Environment – an exploration of how your home serves who you are and/or might not.
  • Office – your home away from home. Is this an environment that inspires you and brings out your best?
  • Money/Generosity – How do you live the money game? Do you side on freedom or on control? What is working for you?  What isn’t?
  • Adventure/Fun – Are you hitting your stride here?
  • Relationships – Which ones are great? Which ones are not? Where can improvement happen and in what ways?

Day 2 – Full-day with key individuals

Interview 3 to 5 key individuals in your life -advantage of gaining perspective from those who know, respect and care deeply about you.

Business Partner/Associate

Day 3 – Half-day with client(s)

Meet to complete in-person work with client(s) in the afternoon to discuss some preliminary findings and dialogue about key issues and possibilities for transformation.  Discuss work over the next days including the piecing together of a 360 document.

Day 4 – Half to full-day with family members

Depending on how many individuals are involved, this half-day/day is focused on speaking with the family members – spouse/children.  The purpose is to focus on these individuals and to learn of their interests, passions and opportunities.

Day 5 and 6 – Create 360 document and deliver to client(s)

Create an in-depth report on findings and recommendations.  Schedule a two to three hour in-person/phone/video conference conversation with client(s) to present report and discuss focused recommendations and next steps.

Six-month follow-up

1-hour call or video conference to discuss what has taken place since the 360 Audit.

One-year follow-up

3-hour in-person follow-up to review what has taken place a year from the 360 audit.  This would be done in facilitator’s office.