What My Clients Say

During the last seven years, I have had the privilege, pleasure, and sometimes much-needed challenge of working with Timothy Karsten.  Throughout this time, I have come to deeply appreciate Timothy’s keen ability to help me uncover what matters most in a given situation, and then hold me accountable to being my best self.  He has also skillfully and successfully performed a similar role with members of our leadership team and my family. Because of my work with Timothy, my life and the lives of many whom I care about has been greatly enhanced.

Managing Partner Satori Capital

Randy Eisenman

Timothy is a motivating force, with invaluable insight into the dynamics of business and family. Working with Timothy has been fantastic, and has had a positive impact on the growth of our business, and pursuit of our firm’s vision and values.

Field Architecture

Jess Field

Finding an executive coach that is a good match can be challenging. It can be even harder for a foreign expat. Timothy has been a tough but warm-hearted guide and facilitator for me over the past six years. His experience and knowledge in international business affairs and cross-culture issues allow him to understand the context and provide valuable strategy insights for success even thousands of miles away.

Former Executive Baidu,
Media/Finance Entrepreneur

Julie Zhang

Timothy and I worked together formally for several years and he changed my life. Period. As someone who has led an influential financial services organization for 10 years, I didn’t want pep talks or a stair-step formula for how to be a better person. I needed an extraordinarily gifted listener. I also needed someone who could help me blast through deep-rooted patterns in my thinking and behavior.  Timothy did this, with big-time results on both the personal and the professional sides of my life. If you want to go deep, that is what you will get. I can’t recommend Timothy more highly.

President and CEO
RSF Social FInance

Don Shaffer

Timothy Karsten has served our family for many years. In this time, we have brought on a new team of wealth advisors, enhanced our philanthropic mission, and achieved greater impact and success in our investments. In addition, this work has served to bring our family together when before we were divided.

The Taylor Family

We found ourselves in the lucky position of a windfall in our finances. We were concerned that without a plan, we would blow through it in short order and sought advice from all quarters. Timothy stepped up with advice and guidance that we follow today. In our case, we are cowboys, artists, ex-Aspenites, and Irish. We possess all the bad stereotypical traits that are attached to those terms. Timothy Karsten managed to sort through those influences with care, sensitivity, understanding, and patience. We were also able to tap into Timothy’s network of advisors that served our goals well. We are certain they can do the same for anyone. Timothy Karsten is a great advisor with the ability to listen, ask the right questions, and support others to do what is best for them. It’s a unique gift and talent and we are forever grateful!”

Private Investors

John and Jessica Gordon

Timothy brings a distinct capacity for grounded truthfulness. In our work together I have consistently benefited from his fierce grace holding me accountable to a high level of integrity. Out of his embodied silence emerges heartfelt and thoughtful guidance that illuminates next steps and serves as a catalyst for crucial inquiries. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have navigated some very difficult business and personal situations without Timothy walking along side me and providing counsel.

Founder & CEO MetaIntegral

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD.

What can you say about someone who has helped you discover parts of your mind, body and heart you didn’t know existed?  Timothy Karsten has taught me to go deeper to a more truthful, sometimes more painful but always a more honest place to discover the path to resolution and growth.  My role as a leader in the workplace, in the my family and in the world is significantly changed and improved because of him.

National Public Radio


Throughout the early stages of building a high tech venture, Timothy inspired deeper decision making as well as clarity of purpose.  Timothy Karsten has been invaluable as a mentor, and advisor, using his insight into personal success to amplify his coaching to create organizational success.  Karsten’s instincts are impeccable.   The Group’s connection with business, international culture, and virtually all corners of humanity allow them to bring a dimension of completeness to their counsel and guidance.

CEO Metallicum, a Nanostructured Metals Company

Terry Lowe

Timothy Karsten has proved an indispensable partner in my growth as a company President and leader.  He offers a unique combination of skill, generosity of spirit and acute intuition.  Timothy inspires and guides with unimpeachable ethics and strength of character.  I recommend Timothy to anyone interested in genuinely creative problem solving based on trust, insight and intelligence.

President Shout Factory

Garson Foos

I was fortunate to be introduced to Timothy Karsten. His coaching skills have helped catalyze in me much greater clarity of personal mission and higher quality professional practices. For individuals looking to develop the next level of personal mastery and a greater sense of freedom I heartily recommend Timothy’s professional and life coaching services.

Centerpoint Investment Strategies

Stuart Valentine
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with big ideas and a big vision?
Chances are that your life is complex. With complexity comes challenge – both personal and professional. Some people will rise to the challenge. Some people won’t.

There are many ways to create more simplicity in your life.

Are you only reaching
some of your potential
in your life?

And only finding some of the freedom you seek?
I can guide you so you experience greater freedom in your life.


Clarify the larger purpose and vision for your life and your business.


Identify limiting beliefs that hold you back and transform them to support you.


Integrate the new understandings, practices and systems into your life.


Reflect on both best practices and areas for growth and improvement.
Timothy David Karsten, Executive Coach, Leadership and Success Coach, and Family Advisor.
Timothy David Karsten, Executive Coach, Leadership and Success Coach, and Family Advisor.

My Philosophy

There is no right way to be,
only the right way for you to be.

There is no right thing to do,
only what is right for you to do.
Freedom comes when you live fearlessly. Speaking what is really on your mind and trusting your heart. Shedding your skin when you have to, clearing the decks if need be, and having the courage to admit when you are wrong.


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